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Wireless Phone Game Applications and Features

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone is not only meant for communication, but they go an extra mile. This phone not only performs the basic uses of the phones, that is, calling, texting etc., but it a real-time entertainment companion as well. Samsung Galaxy phones have turned the games world to be more attractive and entertaining for gaming enthusiasts.

Worms world party has enhanced the entertainment level and the way a user plays a game on the phone. With the presence of the game in your phone, you will have the best option to kill your free time which has high graphic interface that is very much close to real life experience. Eye-popping graphics and outrageous sound effects are among popular the features, which have rocked the game. All sorts of people usually enjoy playing Worms World party ranging from the young to the old and aging folks. Playing ‘Worms World Party’ games through your Samsung Galaxy Nexus does not call for great knowledge nor does it call for a long day study to at least be able to comprehend the basics of this game. The game has been designed in such a way that it keeps a user busy and entertained. For long-time playing, you can consider getting Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories, such as extended batteries as these games are highly demanding in terms of power.

Bubble shooter is another game that has gained good reputation in the mobile games market. The goal of this game is to explode all the bubbles before they overflow the board. Points are scored each time a bubble is shot down. It is important for a user to have strategy and creativity to surpass each level of the game.

The ‘Emperor’s Mahjong’ games for Samsung Galaxy Nexus have emerged to be one of the most entertaining games for the enthusiasts. You are required to match tiles that are present on the board to clear the level. To help you along the way, spheres of knowledge ascend before a final gemming challenge starts. Custom layouts and themes can be implemented while fighting against emperors challenge completing all the 72 levels of the game. Pops pipes is the next gaming application for Samsung Galaxy nexus. Gaming lovers are loving and enjoying Pops pipes game on their smart phone. It is a fast paced game that requires a player to connect different pipes in a given time span. You will have to score the points by connecting different pipes that fall from above within the preferred time period.

Baseball addict is yet another game that has taken by adrift for it has beautiful features that keeps a user busy. As the name suggests, the game is addictive due to its rich graphical interface, control system and realistic sound effects. There are three different modes of play that a user can choose from – exhibition, tournament and homerun. For single playing, you can opt for the first mode, whereas for team play, you can go with later modes.

With your Samsung Galaxy Nexus in hand get ready to enter the magic world of gaming. Presence of such addictive games in the phone may cause damage to the external body of the phone.

While enjoy these thrilling games, you can protect the phone by getting accessories like Samsung Galaxy Nexus screen protector to safeguard the touch screen along with a quality Samsung Galaxy Nexus case for overall external protection. With good protection, your phone will have a prolonged the lifespan that enables you to enjoy these games without any disturbance.