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Developed by Google, Android is a mobile operating system which is based on the Linux Kernel. The succeeding and latest version of Android operating system is 4.4kitkat. Android is mainly programmed for those mobiles that have touchscreen like- Tablet PCs and Smartphones, Android TV with specialized user interfaces that has the user interface based on direct manipulation.
The competition is at peak regarding the selection of best android phone. But the point should be noted that the best android phone too can get you into trouble. The question is how?? The simple answer is let’s consider a scenario where your phone is fully loaded with messages, mails, call logs, audio-videos, schedule, voice memos and suddenly a day comes when either by your mistake the phone starts formatting or if you click on the “delete all” option, then this will be the time when you will be liable to mislay all your data. Or due to the virus attack too you can lose your data. Some of the general scenarios in which you are liable to lose your important files are as follows:
 The cause of inaccessible data is virus or malware attack.
 Restore factory settings option can cause your android phone to suffer from data loss.
 While using the android touch screen phone and pressing the delete button accidently.
 Wrong ejection of the device while using it on computer
 Inappropriate management of the phone can be the resultant of damage of photos.
 If accidental formatting is done.
Let us have some idea of the preventive measures that will secure your data from being irrecoverable. They are following:
 Just verify twice or thrice that you are deleting the right file or not before deleting any file.
 In your android handset upkeep the back up of all the important files.
 To get rid of virus and malware you must use effectual and efficient anti-virus.
 When the battery is low do not click photos from your android phone that will have negative aftereffect on your phone.

Release all tensions because Android Phone Data Recovery Tool is now present here that will take you out from this problem. Android Phone Data Recovery Tool is an astonishing totally new product that is capable of obtaining back all your inaccessible and unapproachable data that are valuable to you. This software is totally safe and secure and will safely restore the entire data within few minutes. Nearly all android phones are supported by this software. It’s a trusted and reliable software of so many people. So, just use Android Phone Data Recovery Tool whenever you face any android phone or tablet pc data loss problem.
Android Phone Data Recovery software presents distinguished features in comparison to other android phone recovery tool. The software is available to you for free of cost to undelete the lost data off your memory card of your android phone. Given below are some of its features:
 The deleted photos and videos are redeveloped with full scanning process by ANDROID PHONE DATA RECOVERY TOOL.
 The multiple version of the android phone is supported by this software.
 It can also recover files like JPG, PNG etc.
 To recover the deleted items, it delivers user friendly and interactive steps to follow.
 Before recovery the recoverable items can be previewed.
 The internal storage and card memory are fully scanned by this software.