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Mobile App Versus Mobile Website

Everybody is going mobile these days because of the dramatic increase in the available portable gadgets. For simpler tasks like accessing the internet and web surfing, users no longer start up their computer, and instead, they just pick up their mobile devices. If you have a limited budget and you need to prioritize one over the other, which one should you go for–apps for business or mobile compatible website?

The Difference Between the Two

Mobile website is pretty much similar to the ones which can be accessed via laptops and desktop computers. Although, to make a website mobile compatible, the elements are limited only to simpler designs so that the pages can be opened without the need to wait for so long.

Websites which are created particularly for mobile devices typically use a .mobi domain name. Because of this, the website can be opened using the browsers for mobile devices. When a website is constructed for portable gadgets, it opens up like a normal website but the lay-out and design is made to be less complex because the screen is smaller and navigation could be much more complex.

On the other hand, an app can be downloaded and saved in mobile devices so that consumers can open and utilize it anywhere they are. Some applications for firm require internet connection while others do not. Mobile application for enterprise is geared with various aspects which can be very useful when it comes to advertising and marketing the company and getting in touch with customers.

Among the features which are sometimes included in mobile applications for business include social networking -integration, one-touch calling, push notifications, QR code recognition, mobile payment and a bunch of other features.

Close Comparison

In terms of broader reach, a mobile compatible website may be more effective. Most smart phones, tablet computers and portable gadgets have a browser which can open a website so long as it is mobile friendly. Hence, compatibility is not much of a problem.

On the other hand, apps can only function in certain mobile gadgets and can only be downloaded if it is supported by the device. On the plus side, if you are targeting for a streamlined niche, then this might be the right one to venture into.

When choosing between a mobile application for corporation versus a mobile compatible websites, you also have to consider the usability. Easier navigation can be done through a mobile application since this is more tailored for use in portable gadgets. The buttons are simplified and functions are properly outlined. Aside from that, apps do not always involve online connection while websites can only be opened if the device is connected to the internet.

When it comes to the amount of information and aspects that can be offered, there is a tie amongst the two. Both can provide information about the enterprise, products and services. Either one can also be utilized for dissemination of coupons, launching of new products, announcing promotions and a whole lot of others.

Deciding between the two will rely on how you want to manage your business, what your budget is and what your customers really need. Whether you choose a mobile friendly website or apps for company, the sure thing is that you will be able to push your business towards success.