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How to tackle security threats from mobile phone viruses

 Mobile phone use is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with the latest smart phones now well established as one of the main methods of accessing web-based applications such as news services and social networking sites. Smart phones of course have the advantage over standard PCs of providing users with the ability to send and receive instant updates whenever and wherever they are. For this reason, use of mobile phones for accessing the web is expected by many to increase.

Unfortunately, all mobile phone users of web-based applications are leaving themselves open to potential attack by a whole host of mobile viruses. Such viruses can result in problems ranging from the embarrassing transmission of bogus emails from a user’s phone through to complete and permanent damage to the phone’s software.

There are however some key ways to help avoid the risk of viral infection. Firstly, any attachments within an email from an unknown source should not be opened; opening a rogue email attachment is one of the easiest ways to set a virus free to create havoc among one’s files and software. Purchasing robust mobile antispam software can help filter out unsolicited emails of this kind.

Secondly, it is prudent to regularly copy back-ups of any important files on to a computer, just in case a virus does manage to infiltrate one’s mobile phone files. Thirdly, installing reliable mobile phone antivirus software will help block most common viruses. Many people will already have similar antivirus protection for their home computer, but it is important to realise that the increasing use and versatility of mobile technology is likely to make their mobile as much of a target for viruses as their PC or laptop.

Such protection need not be expensive however. At UMU Global we have some of the most secure yet cost-effective mobile antispam and mobile antivirus packages available for the mobile phones market.