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How to Make Your Next Smart Phone More Affordable

These days, it’s virtually impossible to come across someone who doesn’t own a smart phone. Since these innovative devices allow people to communicate with others, surf the web, play games and enjoy a seemingly endless assortment of apps, their immense popularity doesn’t come as much of a shock. However, like any modern technology, smart phones are in a constant state of maturation, as evidenced by updated models of the most popular phones being released annually. That being the case, many smart phone owners elect to upgrade on a semi-regular basis. Anyone looking for effective ways to make these upgrades more affordable should heed the following tips.

Sell Your Previous Phone

Despite the enormous demand for the latest models, the market for pre-owned smart phones is fairly robust. If you want some extra cash to put toward your new phone, why not consider selling your previous one? While it’s true that a used phone won’t fetch the price you initially paid for it, you still stand to receive a fairly respectable sum. Additionally, there are many different ways to go about selling your old phone. If you don’t have any friends or family members who are interested in buying, pay a visit to one of the many brick-and-mortar or online establishments that specialize in used phones. You may also want to consider unlocking your phone prior to selling it, as this will help you command a higher price. An unlock Samsung S7, for example, is sure to net you a decent profit.

Unlock Your New Phone

Getting locked into a manufacturer-mandated carrier plan is one of the most expensive aspects of smart phone ownership. Depending on the brand and model of phone you wish to purchase, you may find your carrier options severely limited. Consumers who want to exercise full control over which carrier gets their business can benefit from having their phones unlocked. This enables you to select a carrier plan that reflects the amount of money you’d like to spend.

Be Wary of Where You Purchase Accessories

Phone cases, ear buds and screen protectors are just a few of the accessories every smart phone owner needs. However, purchasing them from first-party retailers, like Apple and Samsung stores, stands to put a sizable dent in your wallet. As you’ll find, buying your smart phone accessories from prominent online retailers like Amazon can be a tremendous boon to your finances.

Many modern-day consumers desire the latest and greatest. As such, whenever a highly-anticipated smart phone hits stores, long lines and backorders are the order of the day. If you’re eager to get your hands on a new phone without breaking the bank, look into selling your previous phone, consider the benefits of unlocking and be selective about where you purchase accessories.