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Norton! Mobile Premium Offers twin Protection Against stealing And knowledge Loss For Mobiles

tech Support

Norton, a number one name in security solutions for computers, recently discharged Norton! Mobile Premium. The free security app for automaton saw an awesome response thus, Norton planned to unharness a additional advanced tool within the type of Mobile Premium that helps in combating knowledge loss and device stealing problems. A purloined phone is rarely welcome, however with this new code sick a purloined phone or lost knowledge would flip easier. it’s Geofencing, an avid feature to safeguard stealing of phones. This feature helps in setting a sound alarm, wherever a user gets instant notification, if the device is rapt outside the set distance by the user.
Data has clearly shown that one out of each four phone users within the U.S. have old a phone obtaining purloined away, resulting in loss of cash and knowledge, both. It’s extremely useful seeing the five hundred itinerant users, World Health Organization don’t have a content backup for his or her cell phones. Mobile Premium from Norton is intended to supply top-notched mobile protection against stealing and knowledge loss. For any quite support and queries concerning this security code, a user will simply contact specialists at Norton technical support variety.
More on the feature list of Norton! Mobile premium entails ninety eight Jewish calendar month take a look at effectiveness and 100 percent usability. the whole answer may be a mix of 2 ace apps, that area unit Norton! Mobile Security and Norton! Mobile Backup. the previous one helps in protective knowledge and retrieving a lost or purloined device, with options like Geo fencing, countersign Check and additional. This apps facilitate in guaranteeing complete safety, whereas enterprise tasks like internet banking, on-line searching or the other activity wherever exchange of sensitive info is needed. The Mobile Backup helps in backing up any knowledge keep on the mobile phone. It entails everything from contact list to scores on games further, with the premium or paid version, of course.
Developers at Norton area unit perpetually concerned in unceasingly change their offerings so as to assist customers get fool-proof protection. Understanding the triviality and quality concerned isn’t perpetually straightforward. So, support all around the clock is accessible at the Norton technical support table for users of each data cluster and at any location.
Rated as associate degree ace security app for mobile phones, Norton! Mobile Premium is intended to stay the high technical security and stealing breaches cornered. Downloading this security tool is extremely straightforward and might be simply accomplished by Google Play. The official web site too offers a transfer at a stripped charge, if probing for a premier account.

Best Virus Protection Available for Your Android and iPhone Devices

Are you aware of the security risks that hackers project to you? Just for the sake of prank playing to even serious reasons like information theft, hackers are after your financial and personal information. Most of the users are conscious of these security risks and to fight against these risks antivirus programs are installed in the computers. Even your smartphones require the similar protection to fight against malware and viruses.

As you use your smartphones for purposes ranging from social networking to banking, thus you can easily be a tempting target for them. Hence, it is important to have virus protection in your smartphones. Taking the cue, this article highlights the best virus protection programs available for your Android as well as iPhone devices. For both iPhone and Android devices, there are plenty of free anti-viruses software programs available on Google Play store and Apple App Store.

AVG Mobile

AVG AntiVirus is high rated best free antivirus for Android and iOS run devices. It protects the smartphones from harmful malware, viruses, spyware and text messages in order to keep your personal data safe. More than 100,000,000 people have downloaded and installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps in their phones.

The highlighting features of this AV program are as follow:

* It does real-time scanning of apps, files, settings, and media
* Over Android platform, using the Google Maps, it can find out lost mobile phones
* It can lock or completely wipe the phone to protect the data and user’s privacy
* It automatically kills tasks that are slowing your device
* It facilitates safe & secured web browsing
* It also monitors the battery, data package usage and phone storage

AVG AntiVirus is available in thirty languages.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security offers stringent protection against phone loss, theft and mobile threats from viruses, malware and spyware. Thus, Lookout stands out as one of the best protection available for Android and iOS devices. This antivirus download is available in Google Play store and Apple App store. To avail the benefits of this AV program, you first need to register your email account, and then you can log into After logging in, you can locate your phone, check your back up data and can manage your phone from anywhere and anytime.

Fifty million plus customers have already downloaded this AV program and trusting its services. Lookout Security & Antivirus is available in different languages, which include German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Polish.


Norton Mobile Security provides protection to the smartphones from threats such as theft or loss, malicious apps, and websites that are designed to pinch user’s personal information and money. Even, Norton provides proactive defense against potentially risky apps. Hazardous apps can be those which can leak your personal information, excessively drain your battery, consume more of your data plan or have any irritating intrusive behavior. Using this leading free antivirus app, you can have full control over other apps installed in your PC. Thus, you can select the apps you can trust with your personal information, videos, photos, battery and data plan.

* It protects your Android or iOS Device from malware, viruses, and spyware and theft
* The app can send SMS texts even to remotely locked, lost or stolen phone
* It can detect and remove apps that have got infected by malware and viruses and thus can harm or slow down your device

After free antivirus download of NortonMobile, you can enjoy a free trial for 30 days. Even after the trial ends, you can enjoy the free features of antivirus and keep your device secure and safe. But for more advanced features you can buy and download the paid antivirus version.

It is important to get antivirus downloaded and installed in your smartphone. Aforementioned are three best virus protection available for Android and iOS devices. You must update these AV programs on time in order to keep its security arrangement harden and also to make them effective against new found viruses.

Protect your Android phone against theft and virus attacks with excellent mobile applications

Smartphones have grabbed the contemporary marketplace diversely. The very straightforward reason behind this is that there are lots of amendments within its features have been done. This is also a compelling reason that makes a smartphone a bit of expensive. Thus, a high security must be provided which can act as an anti-theft solution. There are majority of Android applications that are actually packages that not only provides high security to the mobile against theft, but also against virus attack as well.

Have a look on Android mobile security apps:

360 Mobile Security:

This is an absolutely free option which is introduced by the team of Qihu developers. This app claim of acquiring top spot in AV-Test’s held in September 2013 and it was reported for seamless detection rate of 99.9%. This rate is one of the highest among all security apps those are tested. The aim of 360 Mobile Security is on detecting and nullifying all the threats on the system. This app is also highly streamlined and is designed with elegance. It is also popular for its light weight.

McAfee Mobile Security:

You can avail a highly affordable subscription for this at just $29.99 per year. This solution will offer you anti-virus scanning and options including blocking access to malicious web sites and restoring personal data and checking all the applications. It will ensure that the downloaded apps are not associated with the risky websites and this security option enables filtering all unwanted calls along with the text. It also restrains other users from uninstalling the app and it will provide you an ability to locate the misplaced device as all the data will be lock and wipe all the data remotely, if required.


This app innovates as per the standard which is stable at its features. Such sorts of apps add ability to record audio using microphone and it also expands the portfolio of evidence that can be delivered to the police. Moreover, you can install this app developed by a leading Mobile Development Company up to five devices so that complete protection can be given to the mobile phones of your family. Just do not share password with anyone.

Lookout Security and Antivirus:

Lookout security app had became popular earlier also for its impressive user base. This will now be available to you at free of cost and will bestow you scheduled scanning and anti-virus. You can also locate your device, in case, it is stolen. The in-built functions have an ability to activate an alarm and offer an option to track the phone via Lookout official website. There is another handy feature which provides an ability to backup all the contacts and restoring them directly to the device.

NQ Mobile Security:

This app is again a security application which will block viruses, malware, spyware and also all the phishing websites. The feature of privacy protection can access all your private data without any requirement of permission and system will also system optimization will close apps without ay intimation that are opened at the background.

With all such apps that are easy to download and using, one can provide complete protection to their Android phone against virus and theft as well. One can also get in touch with Outsource Android Development service for technical assistance, in case any issue is encountered.

How to tackle security threats from mobile phone viruses

 Mobile phone use is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with the latest smart phones now well established as one of the main methods of accessing web-based applications such as news services and social networking sites. Smart phones of course have the advantage over standard PCs of providing users with the ability to send and receive instant updates whenever and wherever they are. For this reason, use of mobile phones for accessing the web is expected by many to increase.

Unfortunately, all mobile phone users of web-based applications are leaving themselves open to potential attack by a whole host of mobile viruses. Such viruses can result in problems ranging from the embarrassing transmission of bogus emails from a user’s phone through to complete and permanent damage to the phone’s software.

There are however some key ways to help avoid the risk of viral infection. Firstly, any attachments within an email from an unknown source should not be opened; opening a rogue email attachment is one of the easiest ways to set a virus free to create havoc among one’s files and software. Purchasing robust mobile antispam software can help filter out unsolicited emails of this kind.

Secondly, it is prudent to regularly copy back-ups of any important files on to a computer, just in case a virus does manage to infiltrate one’s mobile phone files. Thirdly, installing reliable mobile phone antivirus software will help block most common viruses. Many people will already have similar antivirus protection for their home computer, but it is important to realise that the increasing use and versatility of mobile technology is likely to make their mobile as much of a target for viruses as their PC or laptop.

Such protection need not be expensive however. At UMU Global we have some of the most secure yet cost-effective mobile antispam and mobile antivirus packages available for the mobile phones market.

The 4 Effective Anti-Viruses For Mobile Phones

There are effective anti-viruses software that can protect your mobile phones from being attacked by malicious programs. These include Zebra Virus Cleaner, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Commander Mobile Anti-Virus and F-Secure Mobile Anti-virus.

There are more than forty mobile phone viruses and threats that have been reported. Apparently, these viruses can badly damage your phone and can cause it to be of no use at all. Therefore, getting an anti-virus is vital to keep your mobile running well and efficient.

Zebra Virus Cleaner

One of the most effective anti-viruses that you can implement on your mobile phone is the Zebra Virus Cleaner for Symbian OS Smart Phone. This is a dependable anti-virus software that can protect your mobile from being assaulted by malevolent programs. Zebra Virus Cleaner can identify and clean rootkits, Lasco, Cabir, Skulls, plus nearly a thousand of viruses including Trojans and worms from your smart phone. It also provides security for all your personal files and information. Zebra Virus Cleaner scans quickly and gets rid of viruses completely in real time, easy to adopt and has a friendly feature. The users can set the time to scan and update automatically.

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus

With the growing recognition of smart phones and communicators, your phones may not be safe from malicious programs that were increasing both in numbers and variety. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the appropriate and reliable solution that will keep your mobile phones from such programs that affect the mobile platforms. It was developed and combined the latest technology of the Kasperky Lab technologies, experts in the antivirus field. Their solution offers competent armor for your smart phone and personal files.

Commander Mobile Anti-Virus

One of the most effective defends against mobile phones harmful content, unwanted messages and malfunctioning applications is the Commander Mobile Anti-Virus. With this anti-virus, you can scan both the principal memory and memory cards, thus providing an absolute and prompt protection. It can detect viruses such as Cabir and thoroughly remove them from the system. All files are automatically inspected when they are copied, synchronized, modified, saved, or downloaded. This will definitely put off corruption of your mobile phone files.

F-Secure Mobile Anti-virus

F-Secure Mobile Anti-virus is uncomplicated to adopt and does not need excess device resources or pointless user interaction. By design, it examines all files both in the device and on the memory cards. When a corrupted file is found, it is directly isolated to protect all the other data in the system. When the data connection is applied for emails and web browsing, the anti-virus database is updated unnoticeably in the background. F-Secure anti-virus also safeguards mobile computing by bringing together an integrated anti-virus and firewall. This platform makes available a remedy and automated security thru real time. The F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus scans both the incoming and outgoing internet packets to thwart malicious, unsafe, or possibly destructive packets. F-Secure is also uncomplicated to apply.

These mobile software anti-viruses help us to stay composed and prepared for the attacks of malicious programs that can virtually impair the system of our phones. The defenses that they build into the network layer are the most valuable system of protection. In selecting mobile antivirus solution, look for the one that supports your device as well as its operating system. Also, the anti-virus software should be trouble-free to use, has over the air updates and a real time virus scanning and should scan all attachments for viruses. Although anti-viruses may significantly decelerate your mobile phone but it is beyond doubt the best protection.

All about the Mobile App Risk Management

While many of the smart phone and tablet owners would like to believe their gadgets are not at threat to similar types of the viruses and virus threats that affect PCs and notebooks, the reality is far from the dream for sure. More than “80% of cell phone programs have protection against viruses.”

A cell phone not only considerably generates the various details regarding the web history and also the surfing around, it basically turns the user into a mobile node in a massive human network. Each of these nodes produces massive amounts of the utilization and geo-spatial details such as vicinity to the commercial places and other mobile customers. Face book or MySpace knows this, and they are quickly applying the various effective strategies in order to generate a substantial income from GPS details arising from its customers. App reputation is one of the major trends which is on vogue.

Whether your business prefers Bring Your Own System (BYOD) or Corporate Owned, Personally Allowed (COPE) policies for cell phone control, protection is at the leading edge of any ideal choices regarding the business implementations. Due to the millions of the programs which are available for the mobile, it is indeed near to the impossible for a division to personally map out the various functions and abilities of every app in the app store that has been functioning. However, there are several ways in order to improve the overall process. In order to begin with, a great method for the process of optimizing the protection methods regarding the cell phone control comes from Appthority for sure.

Appthority, along with many of the other providers, is designed as a ‘mobile app threat management’ remedy. This particular computerized remedy examines the cell phone programs to be able to search beyond its primary uses and protect it in a considerable way. A majority of the programs have the background procedures that rightly gather a lot of the details from other programs, connect with the other necessary programs, and the much needed accessibility after sales systems with no guarantee of the security. Delicate details within a business application need to be protected from the potential tampering by contaminated programs that can access private business details.

A natural approach to the cell phone control and the protection is the only way to reduce the overall chance of valuable business details being released to the evil hands. From the viewpoint of the app designers, it is essential to be practical in terms of the protection problems. Suggestions include active reviews research from customers even after the programs released to be able to guarantee the customers of the reliable protection. Techniques such as considering the environment where the app will be used as well as exercising details minimization, which keeps only the necessary details and trashes the rest, proactively decreases the details threat and protection problems in a major way.

It also doesn’t harm to have a member of the app team focus entirely on the various protection problems and the precautionary details threat methods. As details become a profitable resource for the organizations, the details comfort is certainly essential to the public for sure. Data discussing and details monitoring are growing into frequent problems in the United States. Recently presented regulation calling for ‘app rights’ as well as PSA strategies directly dealing with details comfort are signs increased mobile details protection and disclosure are beginning to gain strength in a considerable manner. Issues which are impacting the individual customers become even larger and even more dangerous when considering the enterprise-wide implementations of the cellular phones. Mobile App Risk Management is one of the major ways for safeguarding your cell phones from dangerous bugs and viruses.

It is necessary to ensure mobile app security

While technological advancements have made it possible to use mobile phones as a platform through which the internet can be browsed easily which is no doubt a great feature, on the other hand, it has also made it vulnerable to malware and various viruses attacking it. The Android device offers a lot of interesting features, but it has also made it possible to suffer from malware, especially when the app store or the third party apps are used. As per several researches conducted in this field, estimates have been made that there is no dearth of illegitimate apps available these days that enter Google’s Play Store. Since these softwares and apps are so interesting, it is difficult to resist them.

Though, the growing number of such apps is a matter of concern, the situation is not as bleak as it seems. The smartphone users need to keep a tab on these apps and identify in case any one of them is fake and can have a negative impact on the phone. Android users can find a lot of things that are required by them in their mobiles using the online interface and most of the times, these things may not be legal. Many times, some apps are available for free and for some, payments need to be done. It is very difficult to identify which apps are good and which may be fake and can harm the mobile. In such a situation, people truly need mobile app security. These days, there are mobile security features that are available readily from the market which can be employed easily to implement app security. Many such programs find out about app behaviours that help in identifying an app and its genuineness.

Some major security apps available that helps to keep the health of your mobile in a perfect condition are-

Avast Security App This security app is a free download anti virus security cover that has been offered by Avast. This is considered as one of the best available in the market. A wide selection of security tools is available in this app that will make you able to enhance mobile security by several notches. This app comes along with several tools that are all inclusive security shield, web shield and a privacy scanner.

Kaspersky for Android If you are looking forward for keeping your contact messages completely safe and secure besides important data then this app comes quite handy. The messages sent by you will stay private and certain specific contacts will be filtered. This way, the phone and its accessibility can be easily maintained. Anti theft protection feature of this app comes quite handy when safeguarding the phone against any theft.

Beat the Virus threat with Ultimate Antivirus Software!

Beat the Virus threat with Ultimate Antivirus Software!
Today every house has minimum 2 members who use internet all the time for chatting, e-mailing, browsing, playing games, shopping and more. Therefore it is necessary to protect your system and data from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and adware. Plenty of anti-virus software are developed every year that have their own strengths and weaknesses. We,, are here to make your task easier by helping you know which anti-virus would suit your needs best.
Business Protection: Virus attack on your Business PCs is as worse as suffering a loss in business. These viruses attack your computers or laptops, important data, employee details and leave you with long lasting downtime and finally a need to set up a new system. Look for anti-virus software that ensure real time protection and advanced heuristic detection and also those that are developed for yearly subscription. Such anti-viruses also include protection from threats, such as rootkits and blended attacks. Make sure you don’t end up downloading some free anti-virus software for your business that provide limited security against heavy worms and viruses and malware and are basically developed either promotional purposes and protects users from basic threats. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 and Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2012 are good options that offer scan-and-remove options for viruses, worms, Trojans and other suspicious content that enter your removable drives via Internet and download.
Home Usage: People at home generally use internet for socializing, downloading music and reading articles. For such minimal usage, there are plenty of antivirus software that are available for download over the Internet; also there are a range of paid antivirus software that are created specifically for home users and have monthly or yearly subscription. To be frank free downloadable versions work good for small security issues such as – blocking of certain files, and basic threats. Avast, Avira AntiVir and AVG are considered to be the best among free downloadable versions. Avast and AVG support Windows 7, Vista, 2000 and upper versions. Avast, Avira AntiVir and AVG also provide paid antivirus at affordable prices that provide better protection than their free downloadable versions.
Handy Device Safety: Many youngsters use mobile internet to send e-mails, chat, browse, read e-books or even to stay online on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. With the increasing usage of mobile internet comes the multi-fold virus threat. Your SMS, MMS, downloadable content and Wi-Fi are the most susceptible source for virus invasion. Market is up with many Anti-viruses for Smartphones and tablets. Quick Heal Mobile Antivirus goes a step forward for your protection it has extended features, like blocking unwanted calls, unwanted SMS, provide spam protection and anti-theft. Other top rated antiviruses are Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 Antivirus.
With the increased mobility in the technology and communication industries, we have more access to Internet through PCs, laptops and even mobiles. An antivirus plays a significant role in securing our digital life. After reading this guide we are sure you’ll buy the best protection that complies with your Device.

Ways to Maintain Your Mobile device Safe From Viruses

There are many reasons why one will need a quality antivirus for his/her Apple smart phone. There is no doubt that Apple devices are computed making them vulnerable to attacks of viruses. With a viral infection in their system, their functionality will probably diminish hence one will have to get a means of eliminating the infection.

Today, when one is into buying antivirus for his/her device, they will definitely realize the range of antivirus programs that are in the market. So one should be extra careful when purchasing because not all of them work. But, with some tips on the best antivirus programs for Apple smart phone, one will easily get one that best fits his/her requirements.

AVG antivirus is by far the leading antivirus in the market today. There is no doubt that it is since it needs to have some Apple accessories because it will fight any anti viruses that a device has including Apple devices. Do not be surprise to realize that an average of up to ten thousand people has downloaded this program and many more people are still downloading it. Once the application is installed, the next thing to do is scan the application for any malicious infection that are affecting the smart phone And do you know that you can easily detect the where about of your friend because this program assist the Google maps. Yes, many are skeptical about free antivirus but AVG is a program well worth trying.

Another antivirus out there that is worth trying is the lock security and antivirus program. Its main role is a security which protects against a potential virus and it is widely available for free. They are online for free downloading anytime anywhere. It can scan many Apple applications at once and it also comes along additional features which can be used in searching for location information. These features can be used for activating alarm apart from the smart phone being silent. When doing any kind of installation on any device, it is important to supervise the whole process to be sure of the installation. Moreover, knowing the status of everything can only be possible if one has a smooth and spotless screen which can be ensured through Apple screen protectors.

Now, you may try to consider Norton security and antivirus. In the past years this application is only for pc but now they also made it available in smart phones. Installing this in a smart phone is quite easy now because we already have some knowledge about installing it in the pc. Having this in a smart phone will get rid of any possible malicious infections.

You may try to check out MyAntiVirus Pro and NetQuin antivirus, these all is a light web antivirus that can fight possible infections in a smart phone. One of the things that one should consider is when choosing this antivirus is their ability. One should be very careful when choosing because they are widely available in the market and not all of them will work for any smart phone.. If possible, one can opt for consulting with others who has used them before to get a program that will work well for their smart phone. Moreover it is good to consider using Apple cases which ensures protection against any harm.

Need For Mobile Security Solutions

According to a survey conducted by Juniper Networks, more than two-fifths of mobile users use their mobile phones both for business and personal purposes. Approximately 81 percent of more than 6000 respondents agreed on making use of their devices to access corporate networks from home for urgent work purposes. Sometimes, these corporate networks are accessed without the employer’s approval in order to avail the employer’s proprietary data. According to Dan Hoffman, the chief mobile security evangelist, Juniper Networks, this is a business concern as 98 percent of the devices are protected through any security solution.

Never before in the technological landscape there has been such a uniform distribution channel to send applications, comprising malicious applications to multiple devices at one time. Today mobile devices are no longer just connecting to one network. Rather the latest mobile devices connect to numerous provider networks and Wi-Fi networks. The majority of mobile devices today are Wi-Fi enabled and are estimated to rise to about 90 percent in the forthcoming years. Dan Hoffman further asserts that “There has to be a software client on every device to ensure protection regardless of what network they are connected to.” Therefore, today there is a need for an acute of advanced mobile security solution that can combat data theft and also allow users to lock, wipe, and back-up and remotely track their devices.

Industry Solutions for Mobile Security
Generic steps like not storing any legal data on the phone and installing an anti-virus program on your mobile might be handy. However to bring down mobile data thefts and ensure application security it is essential to implement a robust security software. Keeping this in mind information risk management service providers today have introduced innovative mobile security software that offers the following services:

* Mobile Application Securities – that tests and remedies mobile application vulnerability through penetration testing, reverse engineering, secure code review and API’s security testing.

* Mobile Application Store Security – that offers security assessment for External Apps, Internal Apps, secure code reviews, device OS, harmful pattern verification and many more.

* Mobile Payment and Banking Security – that provides security assessment of mobile payment and banking applications, reverse engineering, secure code review and payment gateways.

* Enterprise Mobile Data Management Services – that assists end users by offering access control for critical business information and application usage, data storage encryption, mobile content management and fragmentized data authentication.

In this high-tech era, mobile phones are longer restricted to calls and text messages. In addition to that, mobile application developers constantly come up with attractive game, social networking and messenger applications that make the mobile phone vulnerable to cyber attacks and data thefts. High-end mobile security software allows you to fight malicious attacks & ensure data and network safety.