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Cost Report Software In Your Mobile

Have you ever experienced making, submitting, altering, joining receipts, and guaranteeing your costs utilizing a cell phone? Doesn’t it lessen your endeavors as it were?

Yes! online cost report programming robotizes and quickens the way toward guaranteeing your operational expense. It is an on-interest cost programming that difficulties its rivals in the commercial center by furnishing its clients with more propelled components that spare time and abandon them pleased.

Here are some of its key elements:

At whatever time and Anywhere

Online cost administration programming empowers you to make and send cost reports effectively and helps you recover your costs with only a couple taps on your advanced mobile phone at whatever time and from anyplace. This product is accessible on all Android and IOS cell phones.

Know Status of Your Reports

Submitted reports will be sorted naturally taking into account the endorsement procedure and get showed in their individual territories. This helps you know the status of your reports effectively.

Review Your Reports

Online cost administration programming permits you to review rejected reports and change, alter, and resend them for endorsement without making another cost report.

Astonishing User Interface

The product, with its natural UI, guarantees that its clients have a ton of fun while working with cost reports. The application is anything but difficult to utilize and incorporates numerous alternate routes including pre-sorted details with huge symbols. This spares you a considerable measure of time and helps you make reports in a streamlined way.

Catch and Attach Receipts

Clients can catch receipts and connect these to their reports straightforwardly from their cell phones from wherever, making it simple for clients to assert their costs. This framework additionally disposes of extortion and slip-ups generally made while figuring costs. online cost report programming likewise gives precise duty points of interest applicable to their separate costs in different nations. This product bolsters an eco-accommodating environment by killing the utilization of paper and supplanting it with delicate receipts.

Brilliant Error Detection

Cost Software portable application checks for mistakes and confines them from submitting them. It likewise shows the separate blunder happened which successfully helps clients amend these mistakes and submit blunder free reports. This framework likewise shows the approvers with prompt email warning which additionally permits them to return back to your reports specifically from their post box rapidly.

So inspire prepared to utilize this portable application which effortlessly suits associations of all sizes and helps you to deal with your cost reports wherever and at whatever time from your cell phones.

Portable App Development, a Great Impact in the Lives of People

The innovation is in its high pace now and continually concocting most recent methods and advancements. A standout amongst the most striking advancements is the portable application improvement. Everyone knows the significance of specifically contacting where your clients are and when they are getting the most straightforward path with the versatile application, they can’t disregard such valuable element. The application unrest began a couple of years prior and this has effectively had an incredible effect in the lives of individuals. This type of advertising is becoming hugely with each new system and doesn’t hint at any going down.

With the high reception of cell phones and tablets, organizations are going over various open doors that will drastically change how they promote and showcase their items or administrations. Alongside its utilization, the aggregate number of cell phones on the planet are more than the aggregate number of portable PCs and desktops. There are different advantages that the organizations are accomplishing through their portable applications. In this very focused world, to get a critical position in the business sector and in the psyches of purchasers, application advancement has turned into a vital perspective for little scale associations.

5 Master Strokes to Play in AngularJS Mobile App Development

More than 4 million versatile applications are there, consolidating the quantities of Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, and other application stores, and of them 50 percent are cross-stage portable applications. The photo is entirely clear – cross stage portable application improvement business is setting down deep roots.

Angularjs Mobile App Development

AngularJS is a prevalent structure for building cross-stage versatile applications outfitted with extraordinary components and worth to drive client engagement. Actually, this is a definitive approach to succeed in today’s educated and associated world. In any case, AngularJS portable application improvement organizations must advance their improvement methods and systems to construct applications that can identify with clients in a superior than the most ideal way. They ought to gain from their past oversights and encounters and rise better.

Here are 5 Master Strokes that individuals in the AngularJS Mobile App Development group must figure out how to construct predominant applications.

Going to the Terms

Like each amusement, AngularJS versatile application improvement has its own standards and conventions as how to apply and make the best of its parts, similar to route, modules, turn, processing plant, directing, content, discourse, divider, network list, FAB toolbar, symbol, info, and so forth. Engineers must get to know them to assemble steady, responsive and secure versatile applications.

Picking a Mobile Apps Development Company in India

There are a few viewpoints you have to investigate while picking the right portable application advancement organization for your necessities. Organizations nowadays are vigorously subject to advanced devices and UIs to draw in the cutting edge clients. In this way most organizations are nowadays getting modern applications created to bolster the different procedures associated with their business. This aides in pulling in new clients and in addition holds the current client base in the midst of the developing rivalry all around in each business area. In this way the interest for growing new versatile application is on a major surge amid our times. The following inquiry is the thing that to search for in the versatile applications advancement organization you are going to enlist.

In any case, search for an accomplished firm with a long standing nearness in the business and hands on involvement in conveying some effectively refreshing portable applications. View the site of the firm furthermore read client tributes and find out whether they are veritable. You can even reach a few companions and have a few referrals. When you find a modest bunch of firms for your need, you can request a quote and discover which firm is the best one to address your necessities relying upon the quality they can guarantee, the course of events they propose for conveying the application and let it go running, the valuing bundle they offer and the possibilities of expecting their persistent backing over the future years with the life of the application created for redesigns and investigate.

It is experts that make up a firm and not only the foundation. In this manner become acquainted with the bore and certifications of the staff working for the firm and the accomplishments they have made so far so you can likewise assemble some valuable inputs from them. When you select the right innovation accomplice who can satisfy your desires with respect to the new portable application, the genuine assignment takes after. You have to first sit with the firm and after that examine about the necessity long. When you are a specialist in the domain of your business furthermore comprehend what your clients will get a kick out of the chance to find in the application, you too need to comprehend and value the way that the organization staff are specialists in the space of innovation and outlining. In this manner having their inputs on the most proficient method to make the application something novel and agreeable dependably pays.

Android Mobile Operating System Market Dominance

Android is Mobile Operating System (M-OS) that was at first created by Android Inc., an organization that was obtained in 2005 by Google. This portable working framework depends on the adjusted adaptation of Linux Kernel.

In the second Quarter of 2010, the cell phones running under Android working framework were positioned first among the cell phone OS. One of the upsides of Android OS is that it has extensive group of engineers composing application program that expand the usefulness of the gadgets running with Android OS. It is evaluated that there are as of now pretty much 70,000 accessible applications for Android, which makes it the second most famous portable advancement environment. As per Gartner, in second quarter of 2010 the piece of the pie of cell phone per unit of offers running Android OS is 17% (third in rank). In May 2010, the main quarter US deals surpassed that of the adversary iPhone stage. As per a report by the NPD bunch, Android accomplished 28% cell phone deals in the US market, up 8% from the December 2009 quarter. As of August 4, 2010 Google is presently initiating 200,000 new telephones to the Android stage every day.

The Android versatile working framework renditions are the accompanying: Android 1.5 (Cupcake), 1.6 (Donut), 2.1 (Eclair), and 2.2 (Froyo).

One most recent Android Tablet PC that stands with an awesome favorable position regarding programming similarity is the WITSTECH A81E. This development tablet PC (best iPad elective) keeps running with the most recent Android 2.2 versatile working framework. This flexible tablet PC likewise the first to run the most recent Adobe Flash 10.1 that empowers you to play each media rich substance web like the mainstream YouTube. Adobe Flash is a mixed media stage used to include activity, video, and intelligence to Web pages.

How to send SMS by using Android SMPP SMS Gateway

When you want to connect your IT system to the mobile network you have three basic options: IP SMS connection; GSM modem connectivity and Android SMPP connection. If you have a relatively small SMS traffic (less than 1000 SMS a day), you should choose the latter. This article describes through the example of a specific product that what you need and what you should do if you want to send SMS with an Android-based SMPP SMS Gateway application.

For SMS messaging using any kind of SMS software you need to install and configure one or more Service Provider connections. For this purpose the Short Message Peer to Peer protocol (SMPP) connection is a possible method. The SMPP protocol can be used to connect your computer directly to the SMS Center of the Service Provider (SMSC). By this way you can send and receive SMS messages over the Internet or over a private IP network.


In order to send SMS messages from your corporate system by using SMPP connection you need some kind of SMS gateway software (for example Ozeki NG SMS Gateway). Obviously, you need a PC (this software requires Windows operation system) on which you can install this SMS software then compose and send messages. In case of Android SMPP connection there is need for an Android smartphone (Samsung, HTC, LC, Sony Ericsson, etc.) and an Android SMPP SMS Gateway (such as Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway) installed on your phone, as well.

Sending SMS

First of all, make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the Internet, because you need to download the application from Google Play. You can use WI-FI or your Mobile Internet. After you have installed it, you need to launch it.
In the next step is to connect your SMPP SMS Gateway to the computer. How does this happen when using Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway? After launching the application you will see some important information in the top left corner of the screen: Host name, Port number, Username, Password. You need to type these parameters in the management console of your SMS Gateway software (like Ozeki NG SMS Gateway). After you logging into your SMS software, add a new service provider connection by clicking on the appropriate menu item. Select the SMPP Connection then click on the install button. The Configuration panel of the SMPP Connection will appear. On the SMPP server settings tab you need to specify the followings: Host name, Port number, Username, Password. Use the parameters that can be found in your Android SMPP SMS Gateway application. In addition, you have to assign a telephone number and a specific service provider name to this connection.
After the basic settings, check the status of the connection by clicking on the logging panel. If you see that SMPP connection has been installed successfully, you are ready to compose and send a message.
Click on Compose a message button then fill in the form appropriately (select the type of your message, enter the telephone number of the recipient, compose your message, etc.) then click on Send/Ok. That’s it! If you use Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway, you will get a delivery report about successfully sent messages, so you can make sure that the recipient has gotten your message.

Source of information:

I am a freelance IT expert specialized in VoIP and text messaging. Currently I work as a .NET developer, but I spend almost all my free time with designing complete computer systems, especially telecommunication systems. Source of information:


Developed by Google, Android is a mobile operating system which is based on the Linux Kernel. The succeeding and latest version of Android operating system is 4.4kitkat. Android is mainly programmed for those mobiles that have touchscreen like- Tablet PCs and Smartphones, Android TV with specialized user interfaces that has the user interface based on direct manipulation.
The competition is at peak regarding the selection of best android phone. But the point should be noted that the best android phone too can get you into trouble. The question is how?? The simple answer is let’s consider a scenario where your phone is fully loaded with messages, mails, call logs, audio-videos, schedule, voice memos and suddenly a day comes when either by your mistake the phone starts formatting or if you click on the “delete all” option, then this will be the time when you will be liable to mislay all your data. Or due to the virus attack too you can lose your data. Some of the general scenarios in which you are liable to lose your important files are as follows:
 The cause of inaccessible data is virus or malware attack.
 Restore factory settings option can cause your android phone to suffer from data loss.
 While using the android touch screen phone and pressing the delete button accidently.
 Wrong ejection of the device while using it on computer
 Inappropriate management of the phone can be the resultant of damage of photos.
 If accidental formatting is done.
Let us have some idea of the preventive measures that will secure your data from being irrecoverable. They are following:
 Just verify twice or thrice that you are deleting the right file or not before deleting any file.
 In your android handset upkeep the back up of all the important files.
 To get rid of virus and malware you must use effectual and efficient anti-virus.
 When the battery is low do not click photos from your android phone that will have negative aftereffect on your phone.

Release all tensions because Android Phone Data Recovery Tool is now present here that will take you out from this problem. Android Phone Data Recovery Tool is an astonishing totally new product that is capable of obtaining back all your inaccessible and unapproachable data that are valuable to you. This software is totally safe and secure and will safely restore the entire data within few minutes. Nearly all android phones are supported by this software. It’s a trusted and reliable software of so many people. So, just use Android Phone Data Recovery Tool whenever you face any android phone or tablet pc data loss problem.
Android Phone Data Recovery software presents distinguished features in comparison to other android phone recovery tool. The software is available to you for free of cost to undelete the lost data off your memory card of your android phone. Given below are some of its features:
 The deleted photos and videos are redeveloped with full scanning process by ANDROID PHONE DATA RECOVERY TOOL.
 The multiple version of the android phone is supported by this software.
 It can also recover files like JPG, PNG etc.
 To recover the deleted items, it delivers user friendly and interactive steps to follow.
 Before recovery the recoverable items can be previewed.
 The internal storage and card memory are fully scanned by this software.

Evolution of Android & its impact on mobile application development

Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is programmed in C and C++ with UI in Java. Google acquired the initial developer of Android Inc. in 2005 and released Android as an Open source under the Apache License.
Android made its debut with 1.0 on the HTC Dream mobile on 22nd October 2008. Since it’s launch android has taken the world of mobile application development by storm. It has give iphone SDK and iphone applications a run for its money. It has grown a lot after that. In the first version Android brought the feature of pull-down notification which the world talks about. The media player in the first version of Android completely failed. An outstanding feature in the Google Android was Google Sync- calendar, maps, documents, e-mails, chats.
Version 1.1 was mostly bug fixes of the previous version. It brought about local map apps with local search business listings, complete reviews and other relevant data. A lot of updations were seen in the version 1.5 which is also called the cupcake. It is also from this version that android started using dessert names for its versions. The android media playback improved immensely and copy and paste made its first appearance in the browser. The android phone was able to pull Google account pictures into the contact list. The next version of android was version 1.6, also called as doughnut. This version introduced the free turn navigation map which is now the USP of Android phones.
The versions 2.0 and 2.1 both lived under the name éclair which is a bit strange, given the names of dessert names for other versions. Éclair had a much improved keyboard and auto- correct. It also brought in the much needed improvements of the camera. HTML5 was added to the browser.
Version 2.2 Froyo (Frozen Yoghurt) brought with it the most improvements up to that point. It brought in Adobe flash support and the addition of USB and wireless tethering. Wireless tethering allowed Froyo users to turn their phones into a wireless hotspot.
The next version of android 2.3 was Gingerbread. GingerBread brought with it the native support of internet calling over sim. It brought in some equalization features for music and. It also included voice based actions for calling, texting, navigation etc.


Any smart phone that uses Google Android as Operating System is an Android phone. Android comprises of a kernel based on the Linux Kernel. Nowadays Android has evolved as the fastest growing operating system.
Generally two sorts of data loss are reasons are categorized that is, logical reasons which includes virus attack, accidental human deletion, software malfunction, formatting or system corruption. On the other hand complete data may be the resultant of physical reasons of errors. Now the most important point to be kept in mind is that physical error becomes unrecoverable while logical errors are usually recoverable. It can be a logical problem if the data is unapproachable but the memory card is recognizable by the disk manager that can cause data loss of the memory card.
There are few techniques if applied then you can prevent your data from loss.
 Files once deleted are directly are directly deleted and does not move to the recycle bin. So, just think before you click.
 Regular verification of the important audio, videos and other files of your phone
 You can preclude the damage of the memory card that stores your valuable data keeping it away from the water.
There are some common mistakes which can delete the files from your android phone. Human mostly make mistake by pressing delete button or pressing format button accidently. ANDROID PHONE REVOVERY tool can recover the items which have been deleted due to any reasons. Some of the mistakes which are done by the users of android phone are illustrated as under:
 The mobile phone being dropped.
 The android phone being attacked by the virus.
 Damage through water can also destroy the data in the phone
 The software being malfunctioned.
 The data in the phone can also get harm because of the water.
 Memory card being burnt
It is highly recommended that as the new data will overwrite the lost files and the lost files will become unrecoverable, so, before the recovery of the lost data, do not write any new data on your Android phone.
If you are facing the same problem then do not wait for anything and quickly download the Android Phone Recovery Software from our website free of cost. Actually what happens is, the files are not deleted permanently, and they still remain in your phone. By few clicks you can restore your data with the help of Android Phone Recovery Software. Only what you have to do is, follow the steps given one by one. Through scanning would certainly yield you the best result in the form of retrieval of your data. Android Phone Recovery is professional software by the help of which you can solve your problems regarding retrieval of the data. The distinct features of this amazing software Android Phone Recovery are given as under:
 The deleted contacts, messages, email address are restored by this software safely.
 Photos and videos are recovered safely as it was.
 This software Android Phone Recovery is such a software that it is congenial with distinct android version.
 Without any modification it keeps the data original.
 The internal storage and external memory card both are properly scanned by the software.
 It has the facility to select the items to be recovered
Many people have witnessed the successful recovery of their own valuable data. So, where are you?? If you are facing the same problem then do not wait for anything and quickly download the Android Phone Recovery Software from our website free of cost. It is a professional software with the help of which you can get rid of all your android phone data lost problems.

Android App Development – One of the fastest growing mobile app development services

peoples use their mobile phones to keep track with rising technologies because their purpose is to have power of Internet on their hands. There are countless mobile phone technologies taking place all over the world to serve better solutions to the users. But, you will find that most of mobile phone technologies are bases on Android, because Android is currently a fastest growing mobile Operating System. The main cause after this demand is that Android App Development offers lots of latest and unique applications that easily attract any one to have it.

Day by day, Users are getting friendlier with the mobile phones and applications for their routing activities to have latest features and functionalities. To satisfy their requirements, android developers must have to understand their needs and whishes they want to have in applications. Android App Development process offers an automatic platform and powerful environment for smartphone users which are the best option to use today. You can hire an android app developer who should expert and experience, can help you to set your business on the new peak.

Android is a platform that approaches with extra ordinary features like rich application programming setting with framework and virtual machine optimized for smartphones and an integrated browser which is optimized for content and graphics. Android OS has some general features like Bluetooth, GPS, Camera, Wi-Fi and many other common features. Android Application Development directly affects in the expansion of android mobile users.

Android Apps Programming assists the programmers to develop new and powerful apps quickly and simple as per the demand of users. Android Applications can be run on the Linux Platform, which is the popular specialty of android app development. There are number of advantages using this platform. Android App development platform is very affordable; also it supports Java and allows developer to create third party applications by integration of third party APIs.

Xperia X10: The First Android Phone of Sony Ericsson

With the fast changing of technology nowadays, most people have different new gadgets and mobile phones on their own. One of the most in demand today is the so-called Android phones. There are several mobile phone companies that have created this kind cell phone and one of them is the Sony Ericsson.

This company created Xperia X10 and this is their first Android handheld phone. After much setback on the company’s part and much expectation in the market, this Android mobile phone from Sony Ericsson has been launched last year of March. One of the evident traits of the Xperia X10 is its size. Most of people who already have this said that it is categorized on the larger handheld phones with a dimension of 119 x 6 3 x 13mm. Even it is somewhat large in size, it only weighs 135 grams.

The screen of this cellular phone measures 4.10 inches, a larger size of screen compared with its generations with a form of touch screen. It also displays 65K color TFT capacitive screen and has an 854 x 480 pixels of resolution. The platform used in Xperia X10 is Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon. It has Mediascape UI and Timescape. It also has 1 GHz processor and open GL ES 2.0 support.

The operating system of this mobile phone comes with an Android 1.6 Donut complete with the customization of Sony Ericsson UI. This cellular phone has also a tri-band 3G support and Quad-band GSM. Moreover, it has two mbps HSUPA and 10.2 mbps HSDPA supports. It also has Wi-Fi ready that you can use to connect in the Internet anytime you want.

In addition, this Android phone of Sony Ericsson has 2.1 Bluetooth with A2DP. It comes with a micro USB port and an audio jack that measures 3.5 millimeter. This handheld phone has featured a GPS receiver with A-GPS. The internal memory of the phone comes with one gigabyte and its RAM comes with 384 megabytes.

It also has a card slot that uses a micro SD and an eight megabyte micro SD is already included in the package as you purchase this phone. The camera resolution of this phone comes in eight mega pixel that will allow you to have a very high resolution images and videos. The camera also features touch focus, image stabilization, smile and face detection and auto-focus. It also has LED flash and has a built-in proximity sensor and accelerometer.

Android Mobile Phones in India from Videocon

Prianshu Ghosh

Indian market is flooded with mobile phones and large number of mobile phone brands. The market of mobile phones in India has mix of cheap and expensive mobile phones from different international as well as local brands. Videocon Mobile Android Phone is the latest addition to the collection of mobile phones available in the market. People who have been looking for mobile phones loaded with features but within affordable range then these mobile phones from Videocon are good option for them.

Videocon Mobile Android Phone offers almost everything that you expect from a good android phone. These phones are gaining popularity among young users who want low budget option in the category of android phones. Even among these phones you can find wide range of options. These are very user friendly phones and simple to use. These phones from Videocon are some of the best mobile phones in India. You must visit the popular online stores to see the range of these phones available. They are not very expensive and are available very easily online as well as at all major retail stores around you.

If you buy any of these mobile phones in India online then you can get the option of paying for them in installments. This option allows us to think of buying a phone that you otherwise find unaffordable. The online stores allow you to see all the options in one go. In fact you can compare the features and price offered by other brands in the category of Videocon Mobile Android Phone. It was never so easy as it has become now, to buy a mobile phone and that too from a trusted brand like Videocon. You must explore this option and et great benefits.

When you think of buying Videocon Mobile Android Phone online then you can even read the reviews about the seller and the phone. This gives you better idea about the pros and cons of a particular model and you can easily make better decision. Even if you buy a phone online you get the same services and warranty from the manufacturer as you get otherwise. Everything remains same apart from the price that you pay for mobile phones in India. The online stores sell the phones at much lower price than the retailers. You must check the prices online before buying a phone because you do not buy them frequently.

Getting Smart on “Free” Android Phone Offers

The Android is the operating software that Google has specifically designed and introduced to match that of Apple’s. It has been said that this kind of OS is designed to be able to bring out the best in mobile communication technology. Just like everything else, that is new and promises a load of benefits and features, people from all over the world would like to get their hands on one.

It is fairly common for people these days to try to look for a Free android offer. Not everyone can afford it and not everyone is a hundred percent sure of this particular choice. It is not unusual for some individuals to try something new – especially if it was only recently launched. To be honest, there are a few ways to be able to get one for yourself. However, proper precautions must be made as not all of these offers deliver what they have promised.

There are numerous websites that mention a Free android offer. You do not need to be excited, eager or skeptical to check the website. Curiosity is all that is required. There may be some that would sound and look too good to be true; at times, they are. Before you go checking out all the sites that you can find, there are a few important factors that you would need to remember to keep you safe and protected from being taken advantage of. First of all, no matter how promising the words on the website is, if they ask for money such as for a membership fee or to purchase a particular product that you do not really know of, stop. Do not fall prey to these kinds of offers. It may sound like it is a cheap thing that you can afford – even that of a single dollar. Think of it this way, if a hundred people said yes to paying a dollar to them, that’s a hundred bucks right there. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will be given the promised phone. If it asks you to buy something that, you do not know what for or have no use for, stop. You will only end up with a useless item in front of you and still, there is the risk that no phone will be given in return.

If you are really interested to get a free android phone, you can check on other websites and be safe with your choices. It is important that you think about your personal benefit before you say yes to anything. Whatever you decide to do, you will still lose something. For your personal welfare, it is best if all you will be risking is some time. You can be able to achieve this goal by joining the sites that promises to give you this new phone if you will be kind and generous enough to answer some of their surveys. You may be required to give a few general pieces of information – so no harm there. There are also others that will ask you to help them generate traffic volume in to their websites by providing some referrals. If that is all that they ask, then it is absolutely fine. In case they do not deliver their promise, you will not need to mope about it.

What is Android Phone & what is the Reason behind the Popularity of Videocon Android Phone?

The increasing number of the Android Phone for sale in the market makes all of us marvel at the modern technology. Not only the modern technology takes away our breath, but also the impact that it has laid on our lives makes us amazed. What was the use of mobile phones when it was introduced? Only, to make long distance calls and send SMS! As the time passed and the science started spreading its wings, slowly and slowly, the manufacturers started adding new innovations to the existing model and today the result is that we all can access the whole world by using this small device.

The modern technology gave birth to Android phone. Smartphones are too much in that market that in whichever bazaar you go, you will find at least one shop that is vending Best Android Smartphones. But why are they named as Smartphones? Probably, because they can do a lot many things that a regular cell phone can’t do. Almost all the people are so much influenced by this smart device that they actually cannot avoid themselves keeping the phone next to them (whether eating, sleeping or working).

The most distinct feature of these Android phones is the Wi-Fi connection. If we talk about the Videocon Android Phone, then it can be said without any doubt that these phones have a strong and reliable internet connection that facilitates the user to remain in touch with the entire world even though he is travelling. The entire information about the world is presented in front of you by the Videocon Android Phone like a cake piece that is ready to eat.

Not only, you can collect the info, also you can remain in contact with your friends via the platforms of social media. While shopping for the Best Android Smartphones, make sure that you buy that one that has powerful processor such as dual core and the camera of the phone if of high resolution. The more powerful the processor, the faster you can operate your phone. The necessity of a strong and powerful processor will be felt by you when you will play games. High resolution camera enables you to take pictures of better quality. If you love doing photography, then definitely you should look for these features. The Videocon phone posses this feature, so better you buy an Android phone from that company. Also the Videocon Smartphones have sensitive touch screens that render you better functionality.

Find the Best Android Phone – 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Top Phone for You!

Now-a-days there are dozens upon dozens of special Android Smartphone available in the market. Certainly a fast-growing trend is now to go for Android phones because of the special and user-friendly interface these devices have. In such diversity, it is quite difficult to decide which one is the best phone for oneself. Each phone has its own features, specifications and software which distinguish it from the other. For any Smartphone manufacturer, it is imperative that they live up to the expectations of their target market and in order to do that, they need to ensure that they innovate their products at a healthy rate. The process of improvising the features and capabilities of the devices which includes upgradation of the OS, the existing Apps and the hardware specifications helps in developing better devices and meet the aspirations of users. With the fast paced evolution of Smartphone, the devices have become more sophisticated and laden with high end capabilities of miscellaneous functionality. This evolution has now become a successful process and thus a three-pronged approach is required to ensure simultaneous upgrade of the hardware, operating system and the applications ecosystem. A lag in any one of these three aspects will pull down the entire prospect of developing a cutting-edge up-to-date Smartphone. So before going out and purchasing your best Android phone, keep these tips in mind so that you can find the phone that’s right for you!

1. How new of a phone do you need?

There are different versions of the Android operating system available for phones. The most recent version is Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” which runs on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Most of the other best phones run Android 2.3 and cheaper devices run even earlier versions. When you’re looking for you’re the latest Android phone, be aware of which version it is. If you only need the basics and plan on running normal applications, then you don’t need the most up-to-date version. However, if you plan on using large and intensive apps, then look for a device that has one of the most recent versions of Android.

2. What should you pay?

Apart from Android mobile price in India Smart Phones can easily cost from 4,000/- INR to 50,000/- INR. If you decide to get an older device with a two-year cellphone contract, then they are often times free or very cheap. However, the newer phones, even with a contract, can still cost you about Rs. 12,000/- If you don’t use your phone too often for anything more than talking or texting, then a free phone with a 2 year contract OR a low-price “Rs. 7,000/- deal” with no contract are fine for you. If you know that you’re going to use tons of data and applications, then you’ll want one that costs a little more.

3. Should you even buy a new phone?

If you already have an Android device, then you may not need to go out and buy a new one. Many of the older models may work just as well for everything that you need to do. If your current phone hasn’t had any problems, then there’s no need to upgrade. However, if your current phone isn’t adequate for what you need to do or if it’s not a true Smartphone you should definitely consider upgrading.

The good news is that Android phones are becoming less and less expensive every day. Apart from communication, the handsets provide various features to users such as internet accessibility, listening to songs, viewing documents, playing games, clicking images etc. Finding the best one for you doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a ton of money. Just make sure that you remember the above tips when you start shopping. You don’t want to waste money on a phone that you don’t need but you also don’t want to be disappointed by a phone that can’t do what you need it to do. It’s important to know what you’re buying and how you’re going to use it!