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Best phone tips to protect your phone

The usage of mobile phones has been increasing day-today. In fact nothing would happen without a phone these days. We depend on phones for each and every small issue. The demand for mobile phone has grown to such an extent that, it had become a part in our lives. What not from communication to internet access, everything is possible with a phone. We carry it along with us where we go. But handling your mobile phone in a good manner is very much necessary in order to enhance its longevity. So, here are some best phone tips which would be helpful to you in maintaining your phone in a good condition.

* As we all know that, mobile phones are hypersensitive towards the liquid logging. Liquid logging damages your phone entirely. For this reason you need to keep away your phones from coffee tables or dining tables.
* LCD touch mobile phone has to be handled carefully, as it gets damaged easily even for a small pressure applied on its surface. The chance for damage is high when you carry your phone in your back pocket. Thus you need to avoid carrying your phone in back pockets of your pant.
* You need to choose the mobile covers with lots of care, as they sometimes make your mobile to lose its color when exposed to heavy sunlight. Thus if you want to cover your mobile, you have to avoid exposing your mobile to sunlight.
* Even the phones get damaged due to their exposure to dust. The dust affects the sound quality of your phone as well as its longevity. Thus you need to avoid exposing your mobile to dust. The best tip to protect your phone from dust is to carry it in cell pouches.
* You need to use either your finger or stylus to protect your screen or keypad from being damaged.
Best security phone tips:
* You need to store your phone IMEI number in a secured and safe place, in order to block your phone when lost.
* You need to enable your phone lock mode, as it prevents others access to your phone.
* You could add priority protocols in order to block the calls which are prone to security violation.
* You need to download the apps only from the trusted sites.
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