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Apple iPhone 4S is out from the list of top Selling Smart Phones in United Sates

Earlier at the launch of Apple iphone 4S everybody appreciated Apple for creating such a fantastic gadget but now after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 and many other incredible gadgets nobody has turn their heads around toward the iphone 4S. Moreover the name of this famous smart phone has been eradicated from the list of the top selling smart phones in United States as stated by the analysts. The Cupertino based company has not felt bad in any case and is making plans of launching the upcoming iphone 5 in the coming week.

Large number of consumers has delayed in purchasing their smart phone as they all are waiting for this next generation handset. Whereas at the same time Samsung is making its best attempts for launching its Galaxy S3 smart phone and has become the best selling handset scheduled on three or four of the major leading U.S carriers. the top-selling smart phone on AT&T (T) remained the iphone 4S but the Galaxy S3 was capable to sell more handsets at Verizon and Sprint.

In the recent days Samsung have gained success and the title of super king of mobile industry but according to the rumors after the launch of the next generation handset of iphone Apple would again acquire the lost crown and position even also if the court does not forbid on the sales of Samsung gadgets. According to the analysts it is expected that the iphone 5 to incorporate 4G LTE connectivity and a novel hardware form factor which would bring good results in the sale of the handset. find the iphone 4s deals @ with cheapest price and latest technology featues phone.

This time Apple is entering the proper study and would get good sales results in the 2013 moreover the growth rate of the earnings is due to the launch of novel products. This consist of refreshing MacBook Air and Pro series, iPad Mini, an LTE iPhone 5 and an iTV in 2013. As the competition among the two leading brands is still going on but on the other hand the sales of Nokia and RIM handsets hang about very pathetic. The sales of Nokia Lumia 900 at AT&T and the sales of BlackBerry at the four US carriers seem to be very feeble.